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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Special Deals from Queen Latex (sister company of Club RUB)
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Special Deals from Queen Latex (sister company of Club RUB)
QL Site
Six Cute Deals From Queen Latex

Deal Me A Heart set in black, red and white latex. Consists of an eyepatch, choker and pair of mitts. Mitts are more than £30!

Come see us on our stall at the London Fetish Fair (LFF) on February 12th.

Our Price: 30 GBP
P & P: 6
Buy Now: Deal Me A Heart | Queen Latex site

Star Biker set in black and white latex. Consists of an eyepatch, choker and pair of mitts.

Feel free to email us and ask what other symbols/logos we have.

Our Price: 30 GBP
P & P: 6
Buy Now: Star Biker set | NEWS

Longhorn Lonestar Choker in black and white latex. Idea for those cowboy hat moments! Yee hawwww!

Don't just leave it to wear at a fetish event. This will look good at any party.

Our Price: 10 GBP
P & P: 3
Buy Now: Longhorn Star | Queen Latex Blog


Hello Kitty Cat set is in black and white latex and consists of an eyepatch and choker with bell. Meow. This little set is adorable and that bell really does ring!

We have limited stock on the 'kitty' design. So hurry! Smaller 'kitty' logos are available. Plus lots of other appliques. Just ask.

Our Price: 15 GBP
P & P: 5
Buy Now: Hello Kitty Cat | Facebook Fan Page

FOUR Bow Belles Wristbands in black and red latex.

The perfect little 'extra' Valentine's gift for someone special. Or perhaps to say thank you, or a birthday gift, or 'just because'! Looks cute wrapped around a gift too.

Our Price: 10 GBP
P & P: 4
Buy Now: Bow Belles | Etsy Shop

Heart To Heart set is in black, red and white latex. It consists of a choker and pair mitts (no eyepatch). The choker is £10 and the mitts are £15. Only sold together here for £25.

Seperates available a the London Fetish Fair (LFF) February 12th. Come see us. We have lots more stuff. All very inexpensive too! See LFF link below.

Our Price: 25 GBP
P & P: 5
Buy Now: Heart To Heart | LondonFetishFair

Sister company of Club RUB. Please do not unsubscribe.

Love, love, love...

QL logo
Club RUB Promoter/Queen Latex

Thank you to Charlie for modelling http://fuckittbuckitt.blogspot.com/

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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New for 2012

We are now on Twitter folks so please follow us http://twitter.com/QueenLatex

Here we are on our stand at the London Fetish Fair (below). Which is always the second Sunday of the month.

We will be at the next one on Sunday February 12th with lots of £5, £10 and £15 gifts for your Valentine. Pussy collar with bell, pirate eye patches and cute mittens :)

The Twitter feed goes to out Facebook page. New photo are added all the time. Keep checking. We have a photo shoot coming up on Saturday with the cute and Sassy Charlie. Seen below wearing out Maid In Heaven accessory set, comprising hat, neck bow-collar, apron (with rear bow) and stocking tops.

We also have a Queen Latex stall in the RichMix Cinema foyer for their Festival Day: Valentines - An East-End Love Affair. Sat 18 Feb. 12pm – 5pm. It's Free. "Love crafts? Hate the high street? Then come to this pop-up market filled to the brim with independent designers, craft experts, food connoisseurs and artisans selling tidbits and trinkets to pull at your purse strings."

Our website is a landing page but will take you to all the important bits, like the SHOP: And the Facebook page: Please LIKE us?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Queen Latex is Coming Back

After having a very long Summer 2011 off we are back with avengence.

On Sunday November 6th 2011 we will be adding loads of new designs and some old ones to the the Etsy shop.

There is some new leopard spot stuff, bow tie, cuffs and shirt bib as will as an unusual circular skirt with a fishtail back!

Here's a little sneaky peek at the girls from the Late Night Shop Cabaret wearing some of the new stuff.

Check in with us Queen Latex on Sunday night and order NOW for Christmas.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Latex Workshops

Latex Workshops came about because I took a lesson from a friend as I needed to learn due to the fact myself and partner Jojo were going to start a latex accessory company Queen Latex. We were taught how to cut, glue and construct latex. That made me think I should start my own workshop. Over the past 23 years on the fetish scene, I have made a few bits and pieces. Mainly rouhly cut up with a pair of sissors and cobbled together to make armbands, straps and cuffs.

So I know first hand what it's like to be a beginner but in just a few short months I mastered it. As a result Jo and I have created Queen Latex Accessories and I have been running Latex Workshops for nearly two years now. So you see, you can learn very quickly.

We all have different reasons for wanting to learn!

* Adding an accessory to an outfit is another great way of using your skills. Start small with something like a collar and then build up to larger items when you have your confidence.

* One of the huge plus points of working with rubber is being able to do your own repairs and alterations. Sometimes you just don't have the time to post the item back to the manufacturer. Plus you may feel it's too old and would just reather patch that hole yourself.

* You would make yourself the most popular slave in the world if you learnt this skill.

* With all the celebratites currently into latex, it seems like more and more students are wanting to learn. It certianly beats having to overlock seams and cut on the grain!

* Fetishists who have interesting bondage items they would like to realise.

* Cute and sexy divas who live for the next skimpy dress to embellish.

* Fashionistas looking to add bows and flounces to OTT outfits.

* Performers wanting to cut cost on costumes and also get something unique.

Whatever your reason. We're here to realise your dreams and after care is very important to us.

We are about to start our fifth workshop on Saturday May 7th...we have worked hard over the last six months to bring you the best possible workshop and have perfected it with each one. The decision to offer an apron was taken so that the workshop would flow and everyone works at the same pace. If everyone was to make different things it would be very disjointed. The colour choice enables you to make the apron YOU want. I chose to make a medical one and with the scraps I made a collar and mask. Jim always brings a few scraps and I took a small piece of red for the cross. Now it's part of the Queen Latex collection.

Sponsored by Radical Rubber.

Our Tool Kit's are only £35!

Some of the students work below. White latex stockings and black suspender belt by Damien.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Site For Sore Eyes

The new and improved Queen Latex site is looking good. Many thanks to Kevin for realising my design.

The site is basically a landing page.

Logo: Cute and sassy the design came from a childs sticker (believe it or not). We both love skulls and crowns. Perfect.

The Name: Evolved from the sticker and nowadays you have to see what wesite are available. We were lucky to find the one we wanted.

Product: Glamorous accessories made from latex, as the name suggests. We won't be making clothes.

Photos: There are four photo frames. These will change each time you go on the site.

Shop: Takes you to Etsy.com. An online market place for handmade items all over the world. Remember to change to GBP. Currently only a 10th of the way through the photos of our items that need listing on Etsy. If you see anything you like but don't see it on Etsy just email me at kim@club-rub.com and I will make it for you within days.

News: Brings you here. Blog are a ting you need to get in the habit of doing. I will try!

Like: Takes you to the FaceBook page. Please join us? Everytime something new is added to Etsy I will post it on the FB page too.

Links: Another little project that I will ask Kevin to do when he's had a breather! Let me know if you want to swap?

Ideas and requests: Feel free to ask for anything you want that is an accessory and is made in latex.

In time for pirate theme at Club RUB March 19th we have made loads of eye patches

So the ball has started rolling in another direction. Lets hope it gathers moss :)

Sunday, 27 February 2011

We Love Latex. Love Hurts!

We all love to play Doctors and Nurses...don't we?

Over the months we have made quite a few different medical fetish designs but it was only when I decided to make myself something did I come up with a favourite design. I wanted an full length nurses apron that would fit over my double D chest snugly and a face mask that would add drama. Working with the famous 'nurses green' colour latex I chose to stay with a simple red cross motif of white circle background and red cross on it. As I wanted the Oh Matron (it's name) apron plain I thought a motif collar would work with the whole ensemble.

Incidentally the mask is not elasticated at the bottom...so you can easily breath. It has been wired on the bridge of the nose...so it fits snug. The apron has a slider-bar on the back...so it can fit any size. If you want to take the apron off during the course of the night we have a great one-size-fits-all belt (see below).

Photo by James and James. Model Ruby True

Then it was time to make a man's medical version. Not wanting to take the obvious route and go for black latex I decided it would have more impact in white rubber. I added the compulsary red cross but the skull and cross bones adds an edge. There's a matching eyepatch with a red heart on it and I have named this set Doctor Love.

The apron has a slider-bar on the back...so it can fit any size. We have a man's medical forage cap that can be made in white to match...similar to the one below.

Model Louis.
Photo by James and James. Model Ruby True

There are more medical inspired looks in lots of colour options that have been shot and will be reviewed here shortly. Subscribe today!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Pretty As A Picture

The very first Queen Latex photoshoot took place at the studios of James and James (my best mates) on Feb 1st 2011. Jojo and I arrived nice and eary and prepared the latex. Ruby arrived on time and did her own hair and make up (as she is a hairdresser and MUA).

Our latex accessories can be worn with all manner of clothing from lycra, fabric and rubber. In fact add a few latex accessories to a nice comfortable lycra dress and all of a sudden you're fit for a fetish club.

Or with our first look of the day a white cotton nurses dress!